Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC for Free on XBOX360

As all of you know the newest mappack was released on the 2nd of July 2013, it contains 4 new maps, aswell as another zombie map with our beloved raygun mark II. If you want to get all this content from the Black Ops 2 Vengeance Mappack DLC 3 for Free on your XBOX360 all you have to do is follow the small Step by Step Guide below.

Step 1.) Download the Vengeance DLC Tool. In order to download it simply press the download-button below and fill out a short survey to receive your file.

Step 2.) Open up the Tool. Once you have opened up the tool it should look like in the picture below. You can find further Instructions on the tool itself by switching to the "Instruction" Tab.

call of duty black ops 2 vengeance mappack dlc 3 xbox360 free download

Step 3.) Generate your Code. To generate your XBL Marketplace redeemcode for black ops 2 vengeance all you need to do is press the "Generate"-Button. After you have pressed the button it should only take a few seconds, depending on your CPU speed to take advantage of the leaked algorithm and generate your private redeemcode for the new mappack.

Step 4.) Redeem your code. In order to redeem your code all you have to do is going to the XBL Marketplace, press Redeem Code, insert your code and start downloading the Vengeance Mappack for Free on XBOX360.

Step 5.) Not working? Having Trouble? If you have trouble downloading or using our tool please make sure to download the PDF file below. It contains a troubleshoot guide as well as an E-Mail you are able to send a support ticket to. We will try to help you out where ever we can. Press the download button below to download the troubleshoot guide.